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The best day ever…

Anna Kuperberg Photography

This past weekend was our first year anniversary.  We commemorated by going to church and back to the site of our reception for a night.  We had such an awesome time reminiscing about the day, the sweet and kind things that our family and friends said and how they made us feel, and how happy we were that day celebrating our marriage.

When we returned home I poured over the hundreds of photos that our amazing photographer, Anna Kuperberg, took and relived the day.  It’s always neat when you have some distance to look back on photos.  I believe that with perspective the memories come alive in a whole new way.  I had intended to share these photos through a wedding blog but never got around to it.

So… wanted to share some of the details of the day with you.  As a designer I so enjoyed envisioning every last detail of our event and choosing components that would make the event personal to us.

We knew we wanted a church wedding.  We also knew that we wanted a venue that had that special balance of nature and history without compromising the quality of the food.  We feel so fortunate to have chosen Cavallo Point, The Lodge At The Golden Gate.  I love good design, my husband loves the National Parks, and we both love history so it was absolutely perfect!

The overall vibe for the day was a relaxed elegance.  We wanted to achieve a simple, clean, and classic aesthetic that would let the venues shine.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

I had such fun working with Bella Figura on our stationary suite.  They created a custom map of the area for us.
Anna Kuperberg Photography

Programs too!

Anna Kuperberg Photography

For guests staying at Cavallo Point, we wanted to make sure they felt taken care of.  We had “Welcome” bags delivered with treats and refreshments.  The bags were from “The Wedding Chicks”.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

The flowers were really important to both my mother and me.  We simply love beautiful flowers and Torryne Choate of Birch did not disappoint.  She does classic with an edge so elegantly.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

I loved my bouquet…lillies of the valley.
Anna Kuperberg Photography

Our parish church, St. Agnes, is beautiful everyday.  Torryne’s amazing work added just a touch of something special for our wedding.
Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography

Cavallo Point absolutely knocked the reception out of the park.  We chose their intimate Verbena Room on the second floor for dinner.Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography Anna Kuperberg Photography

Anna Kuperberg Photography

The cake was provided by Cavallo Point.  They did an incredible job.  Lemon cake with lemon curd filling and buttercream frosting.  It was delicious.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

We love our cake topper.  More lillies of the valley – Paris by Debra Moreland.
Anna Kuperberg Photography

Anna Kuperberg Photography

The Verbena Room has this incredible view of the Golden Gate bridge from the terrace.  Such a show stopper!
Anna Kuperberg Photography

This is one of my favorite shots of the reception.  I can feel the energy and love.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Dinner was followed by dancing in the Mission Blue chapel on property.  Torryne created beautiful wreaths that flanked the entrance of the chapel…

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Anna Kuperberg Photography

..and floating gardenias and candles added the to warm club vibe.  The linens were from La Tavola.


Anna Kuperberg Photography

Our wonderful DJ, Jason Mitchell, provided the gorgeous lighting.  The chapel felt like a special nightclub just for us.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Anna Kuperberg Photography
Anna Kuperberg Photography

Cavallo Point also did some sweet treats for the after party.  Apple hand pies, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies.  
Anna Kuperberg Photography

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Our first dance as husband and wife.  We danced to Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis.

For those of you who have asked, our AMAZING vendors:

Cavallo Point, The Lodge at the Golden Gate (Reception Venue), Anna Kuperberg (Photography), Birch (Floral), Lisa Price McNichol  (Month of Coordination), Jason Mitchell (DJ & Lighting), La Tavola Linens & Classic Party Rentals (linens and furniture), Bella Figura (Stationary), Tracy Joe (Calligraphy), Steven Espaniola (cocktail guitarist – Hawaiian slack key)

St. Agnes Church.  Special thanks to Father Ray Allender, Scott Grinthal, Frank Uranich and Rita Clunies – Ross of St. Agnes church.

A big heartfelt thank you to my parents for the best day ever.  Love you.


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Missoni for Target for eBay…

Missoni for Target for eBay.  I heard this on Twitter this week but I can’t remember who said it?  Pretty accurate.

I (like the rest of the world) anxiously awaited the arrival for Missoni for Target on Tuesday.  I know that some people don’t get it but I love Target and I love Missoni. What I love most about this Italian Fashion house are the gorgeous patterns.  Some think the patterns are crazy but I love them.  I find them timeless, fun, and so perfect for a variety of occasions.

I was excited about the rugs, throws, and stoneware.  I checked the website starting at 12:00am EST on Tuesday, the 13th.  Nothing.  Saw that lots of Target Style fans were getting restless.  When I woke up on Tuesday morning, the website had already crashed.  So off to my hometown Target to see what I could find.  I arrived at 8:10am.

The housewares shelves were pretty empty with the exception of decorative vases.  I was tempted, but I don’t really need anymore vases.  So onward…

Lots of fun framed tiles.  Would be really cute for someone decorating a new space.

What’s this?  The bike?  I can’t believe it was still here.  Not the fun colorful bike seen in so many ads, but this black and white version is darling with the basket and white leather details.

While waiting for the clerk to unpack more housewares, I checked out some accessories…These ponchos were sold out within 15 minutes.

Onto clothing, where I found good selection and breadth of sizing.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the knitwear.

Even the men’s selection was looking good!

The bedding was cute but I was really after the towels and throws.  The towels were sold out immediately and I never saw a throw in any of my fellow shoppers baskets so I think this store did not receive the throws.  Too bad.

Feeling pretty pleased with what I scored, I went home to check online for items that weren’t at the store (rug, throws, etc).  Seeing that the website was still crashing I decided to check out another store a couple of hours later.  The selection was even better at this store!  I found tights and socks!

The selection of dishes was pretty good here.  I didn’t see the stoneware dish sets, but I did pick up the only espresso set that I saw the entire day.  I was hoping to find it!

Here it is in my kitchen.  So darling.  I feel special drinking my morning espresso from the colorful cups, saucers and petite spoons.

After my shopping expedition I heard about the craziness that other shoppers experienced.  Fighting in the stores, crashing websites, canceled orders, items showing up for resale on eBay for 3 times the price.  Hopefully these eBay resellers aren’t successful and wind up returning their wares in a couple of weeks so that true fans of Target and Missoni have a chance to buy the merchandise at more accessible prices as it was intended.

I was thankful for my luck and very happy with my purchases.  If you are interested in Missoni for Target, I recommend that you keep checking your local Target for a restock or returns.  There are lots of fun items and I thought in general that the quality was really compared to some of the other designer collaborations.

Happy hunting!

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2010 Year In Review…My Favorites

Happy 2011 blog friends!  I hit the New Year running and I’m still trying to catch up from the holidays.  I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and feedback for my humble little blog.

I recently posted a cute “Blog Meter” from WordPress that shares interesting statistics about where my readers are coming from and how they find me.  While I value the feedback, I realized that the posts that are the most popular don’t necessarily reflect how I feel MY 2010 went.  I’ve enjoyed blogging and feel my voice becoming stronger with each post.  I take the most joy in posts that represent original content and my unique point of view.  I appreciate that this platform can give fellow bloggers, potential clients, family, and friends a peek inside my creative mind.

As a true 2010 In Review, I thought it would be fun to recap with you my favorite posts of the year…

From I LOVED the Cartier exhibit.  I saw the exhibit over a year ago and I still think about how amazing it was.  Watching “The King’s Speech” I was reminded of the stunning pieces that the Duke of Windsor purchased for Wallis Simpson.

Perhaps my favorite achievement with this post…it was the first time that Monika of Splendid Willow commented and I treasure her blog friendship.  Oh, how excited I was to know that someone in the world I wasn’t related to was actually reading and enjoying my posts!


While was my most popular post of the year (and ever thanks to some sort of a scandal in Europe over Bulgari ads in September), I had such fun bringing this inspiration to life with a fictional room for a glamourous woman I dreamed up in my head.  Looking back, very Black Swan!


March was my first trip to the Alameda Flea Market and what fun!  I enjoyed my first visit mostly because my favorite treasure hunting partner was by my side (mom) and the weather was a hint of spring.  Great local venue.


I still want to buy this daybed.  This was a wonderful French Day Bed that I saw during Round Top Antiques week.  I was also honored that week back in April with a Beautiful Blogger award from Splendid Willow.  Such an honor!

“The grand show is eternal.

It is always sunrise somewhere;

the dew is never dried all at once;

a shower is forever falling;

vapor is ever rising.

Eternal sunrise,

eternal dawn and gloaming,

on sea and continents and islands,

each in its turn,

as the round earth rolls.”

-John Muir


I highlighted Point Reyes and the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House for this posting back in May.  One of my favorites was the Hall of Wisdom and Enlightenment by Coup d’Etat.  I just found a great piece for a client at Coup d’Etat today.  Serendipity.


My 100th post, featuring a visit to Filoli Gardens.  I love this tree.  To have such a thing of beauty in my own backyard…one can dream!  So much to savor about Filoli…the gardens, those Goyard trunks, vintage kitchen, handsome library and bar…I could go on and on.  Mostly, someone special introduced me to Filoli and that I will never forget.


My beloved cooking club!  I began featuring this amazing group of women back in June.  This theme “Cooking With Barefoot Contessa Recipes” was a standout.  Everything was delicious.  Most of all the fellowship – amazing.


August is my birth month, a time of summer fun, and trips to my beloved Santa Barbara for Fiesta Days!  This parade is one of the highlights of my summer.  I just love the colors, costumes, and energy.


Yay!  My new bedroom began to take shape with the delivery of my campaign bed.  Very exciting time for me.  The room is now completely transformed.  Stay tuned for more updates on this front in 2011.



Another highlight of 2010…my trip to Istanbul with Veranda Magazine.  I had dreamed of this night for months in advance, a dinner at Serdar Gurgun’s residence.  Such a magical evening.  It was everything I imagined and more.

My friend and guide for this visit, Janset, and recently launched her own jewelry website. I am honored to be linked with her page.  Please take a look at her beautiful and unique jewelry.  I hope to show some of her jewelry here in San Francisco in 2011.

From In November I was STILL dreaming about and reflecting upon my magical tour of Istanbul.  I just adore this picture of this interior designer and his dog, “Peanut”.

I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane for 2010…a few of my favorite moments in blog land.  Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2011!



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Dusting off the cobwebs…

Back from the coast, it was a busy week…part working vacation, time with family and friends, and fresh ocean air!

I’m back to the real world this week but I wanted to share this great photo that I’ve been day-dreaming about.  I snapped this during my walk back from the Fiesta Parade.

So Americana!

Today the bed that I long deliberated over is finally arriving!  If you don’t remember my conundrum, you may re-read my post here and

Check back for photos revealing my selection and some rearranging that I’m working on…

Happy Tuesday!

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Some Things About Myself…

I mentioned in my last post that I was honored  by Monika, over at Splendid Willow with a Beautiful Blogger Award.  I started my blog as an experiment nearly 1 year ago.  It’s been a wonderful outlet for me to define, clarify, and hone what inspires and drives me.  To know that creative, inspiring, and supportive readers are following the blog…it’s so rewarding!  Monika was the first fellow blogger to reach out to me in cyberspace and she’s taught me how great it feels to build a community within this crazy blog world!

So my job now is to tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know and then pass the honor to 15 blogs that inspire me!

1.)  I love to live near the ocean.  I enjoy spending time in San Francisco and Santa Barbara soaking in the sun and fresh sea air!

2.)  Mister, the pug, is my biggest fan.  I love this dog…to death.  He is such a nice pal.  Here he is “helping” with the laundry…

3.)  One of my favorite things to eat is toast…preferably made with really great bread and fresh butter.  YUM!

4.) I just love and collect vintage Halloween decorations.  Something about them makes me smile.

5.) Finding inspiration through travel and architecture make me happy.  Here are some of my favorite travel/architecture shots:

Vis, Croatia 2004

Los Arcos, Spain 2006

Toledo, Spain 2006

Eze, France 2007

St. Paul de Vence, France 2007

Santorini, Greece 2007

Bangkok Thailand, 2008

6.)  I am in a cooking club.  We get together once a month to cook dishes based around a theme.  It is a great way to learn new recipes and practice our hostessing skills, but mostly we enjoy support, camaraderie, and sharing our life stories.  We’ve been at it since February 2003!  Here’s the gang at our last “cooking club wedding”!

7.)  My parents mean the world to me! I thank them for their love, encouragement, and friendship.

Now, its my turn to tag 15 blogs that inspire me.  Without knowing if they’ve already been tagged and in no particular order:

  1. Beadboard UpCountry
  2. Belgian Pearls
  3. Cote de Texas
  4. Emmas Designblogg
  5. French Essence
  6. French Kissed
  7. Habitually Chic
  8. Paris Apartment
  9. Patricia Gray
  10. Plaisers Simples
  11. So Haute
  12. Trouvais
  13. Verdigris Vie
  14. Vicente Wolf Blog
  15. Willow Decor

Thank you again, dear Monika, for honoring me!  This was fun to think about.

Happy Sunday,



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Be Your Own Curator…

One of the biggest challenges my clients face is adding art and accessories to their interiors.  Of course, I’m happy to act as curator and pull pieces together for them in a flash but often I find myself working with what they have and advising them to be patient and wait for pieces that speak to them.  I feel that the art and accessories are often the most personal component to an interior and those items tell so much about the inhabitant.  I’ll start by raiding the client’s collections or even family/travel photos for inspiration.

This got me thinking about my own collection.  It truly started in a modest way and has grown tremendously over the past 12 years.  A favorite habit was to purchase art whenever I traveled to a new country as a memento.  It was easy to do and often inexpensive.  I started to look out for street vendors and purchased pieces that I could roll up to be framed once I came home.

My first such examples were sepia tone photographs from Prague.  I fell in love with the mystery of the St. Charles Bridge.  I purchased these two moody portraits from a street vendor on the bridge.  I don’t remember what I paid for them but it couldn’t have been much.  It was 1997 and I just graduated college with no employment in sight…They originally hung above my sofa but now are featured in my master bathroom.  I think they really set a tone of mystery and intrigue…

Having enjoyed the St. Charles Bridge photos so much, on my next big trip to Europe in 2002 I picked up this poster from the Lorenzo Cascio Studio in Portofino.  I absolutely fell in love with the bronze relief doors that Lorenzo Cascio created for churches in Portofino and Santa Margherita on that trip.  I certainly couldn’t afford an original but when I stumbled into his studio and realized that he sold a few prints…I had to have this print of a horse for my collection.  There was something about that wild stallion, the colors, and the graphic bits that really spoke to me.  Again, I brought it home rolled up and had it framed stateside…

Jackpot!  During a trip to France in 2007 I found what I consider to be the bargain of the century.  Inside a typical souvenir store in the medieval town of Eze, France I found a pile of original illustrations from the 40’s or 50’s?  This was in the midst of my interior design education.  I was learning to draw perspective, rapid sketching techniques, and watercolor, pencil, and marker rendering skills.  That is probably why I was so drawn to these illustrations.  The detail, style, and loose charm radiates from each and every one of them.  Priced each under 10 Euros…I picked out the illustrations that demonstrated a place I had visited on this trip.  They were framed upon my return.  There are 11 in all and they now sit above my sofa…

Up close detail of the illustration that depicts the Moulin Rouge…such lovely colors and I love the “entourage” of people of the era in front…

Detail of another favorite spot in Paris…Plaza Vendome.  Again, love the people walking by for context, the automobiles, the reflection of the water from a rainy day…

Detail of the illustration that depicts the medieval town of Eze, in the South of France, where I found these loose illustrations…

During my 2007 trip to Buenos Aires I noticed a plethora of street artists and decided this would be an excellent memory of my trip.  While touring La Boca in Buenos Aires, which is known for being particularly touristy…likened to Pier 29 in San Francisco, I honed in on the best quality artwork that I could find.  This engraved piece by Dora Garraffo was much more expensive than my earlier purchases…around $100…but I felt it was worth it.  Only piece 8 of 10 it was more original and something about the relaxed nature of this curvy woman with great hair and fabulous shoes sitting on her red chair…I just couldn’t resist it.  Again, brought it home for framing with a silk border.

Also a part of the La Boca, Buenos Aires, Dora Garraffo acquisition was this charming little engraving depicting a couple tango dancing.  If you have been to Buenos Aires, you know that tango is everywhere and at around $40, I couldn’t let this piece go.  I intended to give it as a gift for Christmas that year but loved it so much that I kept it for my collection.  Framed here in California…

On my most recent adventure to Thailand in 2008, found this little treasure.  I actually found it in a tabletop and linen store in Chiang Mai referred from the Luxe Guide (I adore the Luxe Guides).  It is an original one of a kind piece by the store manager.  For about $100 I purchased this piece on canvas, already framed in wood.  The elephants spoke to me as we visited an elephant camp in the Golden Triangle.  I love elephants, but it made me a bit sad how they worked hard for tourists to ride on.  That is why I particularly love the elephants depicted here with wings flying above…

So, be your own curator.  Over time you can collect pieces that speak to you.  They might be prints, originals, textiles, folk art, etc, etc.  They might be from trips afar, trips closer to home, or by artists in your own city or home for that matter.  All that is important is that they mean something to you.

I had fun looking back down memory lane.  Thanks for letting me share my travel treasures with you.


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Holiday Decorating…the Christmas Spirit

I finally found my Christmas spirit this weekend.

I’ve edited my display items for urban living with lots of ornaments in glass bowls, my collection of vintage ornaments on the tree, and a dreamy palette of ivory, gold, and silver with a touch of pink, blue, and green.

Perhaps the best decoration of all are the lights of the neighborhood…very inspiring.  Mister the pug likes it too!

It’s not too late for your decorating. Let me know how I can help.

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