New KMD Space for 2013!

KMD moved into new offices in the beautiful SF Design Center in February!  We’ve been working hard to coordinate improvements and settling in.  Here is a sneak peek of the space and a little about the journey to move in day…

SF Design Center

Located on the Mezzanine of Showplace, its a beautiful old brick building and centrally located with many of our vendors.


Here is how I saw the space for the first time.  That is a window that looks out on the Cowtan & Tout showroom and windows.


I was excited that there are two workspaces behind this wall.  A space for myself and for a future new hire!  I love that we can keep all of our technical stuff in a “private space” and still have a great public space to meet with clients.


Immediately, the paint needed freshening up and the carpet just had to go.  I went with a warm white to reflect more light and play down the various ceiling heights throughout…

photoNext was new carpet.  I chose one of my favorites…seagrass.  I love the way it smells when you walk into the office and it provides a great texture for someday layering that vintage Moroccan rug that I have been dreaming of…

I can’t forget to show you the little face lift for the outside door and window trims – a deep violet gray really instills a sense of place.  How do you like my sign?

Here is a scene from move-in day.  Literally 5 minutes after the movers left.  Loving how all of the furniture that I already own is already working in the space – perfect fit.  Buy well and you will be happy for years!


Here is a peak inside one of the workspaces.  Lots of shelves and storage too!


I brought a few of my favorite pieces of art from home to liven up the place.  Plotting out the gallery wall…


My dear husband helped me get the hanging just right.  I thought you might like to see the process.


Paper templates help plot the perfect place for artwork and you can see how the pieces will relate to each other and the space before committing with nail and hammer.


After a few adjustments…ta-da!  Gallery wall.  Loving the lounge area too with the vintage textile my mother scored for me at Pierre Lafond in Santa Barbara.  Such a great Christmas gift.  I really love the colors!


I’m thinking that I will add a great lucite console under the window for refreshments.  You can see my pin board in the left hand side workspace – waiting for inspiration.


Things are taking shape.  There is room to grow and add to my design library.  So exciting!

Every morning that I walk into my office, I feel a rush of possibilities.  It is so inspiring to have space for everything!  Opportunities for layering and room to grow.

I now have a great space to meet clients and vendors by appointment.  Please contact me if you’d like to come and check out the space or talk about a new project – there is no time like the present and I’d love to discuss collaborating on the home of your dreams!

Kari McIntosh Design

2 Henry Adams, #73

San Francisco, CA 94103



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  1. Nick & Mary Rose

    Kari, Congrats on your office space!! It looks great. How have you been feeling? It won”t be long now!!! Very exciting!

    n Fri, 22 Mar 2013 01:22:20 +0000

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