Thankful to be featured by Adeeni Design Group

It was brought to my attention that our Thanksgiving table was featured on Adeeni Design Group’s blog back in November. 

Thank you Claudia for the mention!  I am honored.

The universe works in mysterious ways as I have been admiring Adeeni Design Group’s post on Downton Abbey this weekend.

I finally watched the first season and I am absolutely riveted.  I was thinking it would be wonderful blog post but I now realize that other bloggers have fully covered the topic.  My favorite post (and most comprehensive) is from Claudia at Adeeni Design Group.  If you have a moment, go check it out!


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2 responses to “Thankful to be featured by Adeeni Design Group

  1. Bryan

    Very well deserved. Continued Success KMD!

  2. It was my pleasure including your table Kari! Thank you so much for the kind endorsement of my DA story. As you can tell from all the talk online we are not alone in our passion for the series. I am happy that I could contribute something everyone enjoyed. Now anxiously awaiting the next installment.



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