Missoni for Target for eBay…

Missoni for Target for eBay.  I heard this on Twitter this week but I can’t remember who said it?  Pretty accurate.

I (like the rest of the world) anxiously awaited the arrival for Missoni for Target on Tuesday.  I know that some people don’t get it but I love Target and I love Missoni. What I love most about this Italian Fashion house are the gorgeous patterns.  Some think the patterns are crazy but I love them.  I find them timeless, fun, and so perfect for a variety of occasions.

I was excited about the rugs, throws, and stoneware.  I checked the website starting at 12:00am EST on Tuesday, the 13th.  Nothing.  Saw that lots of Target Style fans were getting restless.  When I woke up on Tuesday morning, the website had already crashed.  So off to my hometown Target to see what I could find.  I arrived at 8:10am.

The housewares shelves were pretty empty with the exception of decorative vases.  I was tempted, but I don’t really need anymore vases.  So onward…

Lots of fun framed tiles.  Would be really cute for someone decorating a new space.

What’s this?  The bike?  I can’t believe it was still here.  Not the fun colorful bike seen in so many ads, but this black and white version is darling with the basket and white leather details.

While waiting for the clerk to unpack more housewares, I checked out some accessories…These ponchos were sold out within 15 minutes.

Onto clothing, where I found good selection and breadth of sizing.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the knitwear.

Even the men’s selection was looking good!

The bedding was cute but I was really after the towels and throws.  The towels were sold out immediately and I never saw a throw in any of my fellow shoppers baskets so I think this store did not receive the throws.  Too bad.

Feeling pretty pleased with what I scored, I went home to check online for items that weren’t at the store (rug, throws, etc).  Seeing that the website was still crashing I decided to check out another store a couple of hours later.  The selection was even better at this store!  I found tights and socks!

The selection of dishes was pretty good here.  I didn’t see the stoneware dish sets, but I did pick up the only espresso set that I saw the entire day.  I was hoping to find it!

Here it is in my kitchen.  So darling.  I feel special drinking my morning espresso from the colorful cups, saucers and petite spoons.

After my shopping expedition I heard about the craziness that other shoppers experienced.  Fighting in the stores, crashing websites, canceled orders, items showing up for resale on eBay for 3 times the price.  Hopefully these eBay resellers aren’t successful and wind up returning their wares in a couple of weeks so that true fans of Target and Missoni have a chance to buy the merchandise at more accessible prices as it was intended.

I was thankful for my luck and very happy with my purchases.  If you are interested in Missoni for Target, I recommend that you keep checking your local Target for a restock or returns.  There are lots of fun items and I thought in general that the quality was really compared to some of the other designer collaborations.

Happy hunting!


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  1. Great post… Haven’t made it to Target yet.. but, the plastic plates are cute for BBQ and outside eating! Might have to make a trip now.. Your espresso set is adorable!

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