Royal Wedding Parties?

Are you anticipating the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton on Friday?

Official Engagement Photo:  Mario Testino

I just went shopping with a friend for a “wedding gift”.  My friend is invited to a wedding party that starts at midnight Friday in honor of the nuptuals.  What does one get a party host who is simply mad for royals and remembers fondly staying up to watch the Diana and Charles wedding?

We went searching through Gump’s (but of course).  Looked the whole place over and couldn’t find anything British related.  We were about to depart when lo and behold upstairs in a lonely corner display case we spotted a crown…

The Royal Wedding Antoinette Loving Cup was selected.  Isn’t it divine?

The front features William and Cate’s initials intertwined.

While the back features all of the commemorative information.  Isn’t it fun to find the perfect “wedding gift”?  Gump’s here in San Francisco still has a couple in stock!


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