Cooking Club Spring Fling

Just in time for spring, my gals got together for a dinner to celebrate the season!

 Shannon’s gorgeous table for Spring.

Artisanal cocktails are so popular lately that I tried my hand at this Mint Julep Spritzer.  Light and refreshing…from now on we are adding cocktails to our menu!  My recipe was from Epicurious.

Just in time for Kentucky Derby!

We had special guest visitors this cooking  club.  Our always prepared hostess had coloring books and crayons on hand.  Little miss A was delighted.  She’s such a little lady!

Her little brother attended too!  I can’t believe how big they both are getting.  Such a treat having them there.

Nicole’s fresh and delicious Tangerine, Watercress, and Blue Cheese salad kicked off our meal.

Shannon’s delicious lemon chicken (Ina Garten, a cooking club favorite)

Accompanied by Katie’s green beans and hazelnut salad,

and Stephanie’s roasted asparagus similar to this

Selena sadly couldn’t make it to dinner.  She outdid herself by ordering spring cookies and a lemon cake from Susie Cakes in her absence.  OMG…I obviously LOVED the cookie and the lemon cake because in my sugar haze I completely forgot to take a photo of the lemon cake before digging in!

Spring is finally here, hurrah.  Happy Easter to you and yours.

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