Fun Sights And Trends From Roundtop Antiques Week

Last week was Marburger Farms and Roundtop Antiques Shows.  It was such a whirlwind!  Here are a few highlights from the show…

The first tent at Marburger amazed me.  I just loved this pair of antique leather club chairs with green patina.

Amazing Pair of Vintage Chairs with Brass Detail at Marburger Farms

Another great pair of vintage leather club chairs.  Love that brass arm detail.  They were sold already of course (the first 15 minutes!)

Aren’t these antique copper pots just marvelous?

So there is a clothing vendor, Magnolia Pearl, who is VERY popular.  Designs from vintage linens.  Very pretty things…but very fairy in the forest meets Stevie Nicks look.  Most of the vendors at Marburger are wearing styles by Magnolia Pearl.  Worth a peak…what do you think?

I noticed many organic forms of sculptural wood were all sold within the first hour.  Very popular look.

Another trend I noticed were starburst mirrors EVERYWHERE and they were selling like hot cakes.  I noticed this trend first about 5-7 years ago.  If this show is any indication…the trend is in full force.

What trip to the Texas countryside would be complete without vintage boots?  Darling display here…

Love this booth!  Industrial chic at its very best…

Fun carnival pieces.

I absolutely fell in love with this antique textile.  Exquisite!

Isn’t he so handsome?   This charming pen and ink drawing is Dutch and just too good.

We were on the hunt for an entry piece for my clients.  This could have done the trick.  LOVE the pink color.  Ultimately a tad too French patisserie look for the particular project.

Another option for an entry piece but too rustic for the project.  I will reveal the piece chosen in an upcoming post.

No trip to antiques week would be complete without a trip to our friends Clutter at Warrenton.  Masters of visual display, they appeared to have a great show.  Lots of pieces already sold.

On to the Roundtop show.  I don’t think that I can remember so many chandeliers being offered (and SOLD) in 12 year shopping experience here.  Here is a particularly lovely Hollywood Regency style vintage chandelier.

Look on the top of the armoire…this was an amazing piece that I have never seen.  A panettiere (spelling?).  French hanging piece for holding bread in bakeries so that vermin can’t nibble on the bread.  Lined in red and white toile.  Gorgeous.  On my second sweep through the tent, it was sold!

The buzz from this Spring’s show was excellent.  Many shoppers out and buying.  The frenzy has definitely picked up.  Hopefully this is good news for our economy.

It has become a ritual for us to dine at Lambert’s Fancy BBQ on 2nd Street in Austin.  It is SOOO yummy.  Crave worthy and consistent.

So what did I bring home?  Well those of you who know me know that I appreciate textiles and I was on the lookout for unique pillows.  I picked up these two beauties at the show.  One is an antique needlepoint piece and the other antique embroidery piece from Romania.  Love them!


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