Istanbul’s Autoban

I’m back!  Forgive the lack of posts, I’ve been off to Turkey and I’m back this week with lots of inspiration and stories to share.

I was honored to travel with Veranda Magazine on their Designer’s Tour of Istanbul for 5 days.  There are MANY highlights, but first I will start with a visit to the award winning design atelier of Autoban.

Autoban was established in 2003 and named “Best Young Designers” by Wallpaper Magazine.  They design interior environments for commercial and retail spaces.  They are responsible for Istanbul’s trendiest restaurants and boutique hotels.

To get us warmed up for our visit to Autoban, we started with a lunch at House Restaurant, designed by Autoban.

Great industrial space with traditional details and modern light fixtures.  Check out the ceiling detail.

View of the bar looking toward the entrance of the restaurant.  Lots of reflective materials.

There is a wonderful exhibition kitchen in the back.

Interesting chalk art drawing at the entrance.  I now realize that wings are a bit of a recurring motif with this design team.

After lunch it was time to visit the design office in the Galata district of Istanbul.  That wonderful second story window is one of the design principal’s office.

View inside the before mentioned design principal’s office.  I was inspired by the juxtaposition of modern materials with the great envelope and roughened wood finishes of this old building.  Autoban incorporates original product designs into their interior spaces as well.  Much in the manner of Eames, named as a source of inspiration for their team.

Autoban’s design studio include 30+ designers.  I really enjoyed how open and clean the space feels.  It is a fresh imaginative space that helps to clear the mind.  Inspiring lighting design.

Project director, Serkan Aydemir, gave us a thorough presentation of Autoban’s work, design philosophy, and inspiration.  Mr. Avdemir was born in Turkey, studied at Pratt, worked at Gensler NYC, and then came back to Istanbul to work with Autoban.

The wonderful lobby seating and product display.  Again, great lighting!

We then crossed the street to visit Autoban’s showroom of product available to the trade.

I see retro styling in their work, with a new perspective.  In their words, the approach is “an exploration of natural and raw materials in new contexts”.  I’m thinking of a project to use some of these pieces already.

This signature floor lamp comes in many finishes.  I particularly love this red lacquer one.

Stay tuned for more great Istanbul inspiration!  I can’t wait to share more of these design treasures with you!


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  1. Rebecca

    Amazing! Pure envy. 😉

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