Summer Treats

Blog friends, I’m sorry for the delay between posts lately.  I’ve been busy with projects and it’s a good thing!  A residence in Northern California, color consulting for a beautiful Victorian in Pacific Heights, and a commercial tenant improvement project in the Central Valley.

I was in Bakersfield, CA (my home town) two weeks ago for a project visit and took time out to have an ice cream at my favorite ice cream parlor ever, Dewar’s.

Dewar’s has been around for over 100 years and I’ve been a patron of Dewar’s for as long as I can remember.  They make candy and ice cream from scratch.  You can read about the family history from their website

My earliest memory of a favorite was either a scoop of chocolate ice cream or a scoop of peppermint ice cream.  By the time I was in high school when we used to have Dewar’s for lunch (sorry Mom) or after school my order was usually a  “Suzanne’s Special”  (now known as a strawberry special) which was a vanilla ice cream milk shake with fresh strawberries, a fresh banana, and chopped almonds mixed in.  The past decade or so, my standard moved on to the “Black and White” with ice milk…a scoop of vanilla, scoop of chocolate, homemade fudge sauce, homemade marshmallow creme, and chopped almonds – AMAZING.  I tell myself that I’m somewhat healthy now that I order the ice milk 🙂

Part of the experience of Dewar’s was the quirky decor that had been around for decades.  There were two stuffed deer heads on the walls that used to terrify me as a child.  In fact, before “non-smoking” was the norm the animal heads had signs hanging from them to say that cigarette smoke makes them sick.  One of my most memorable experiences of Dewar’s were the staff who had been there for years.  They were a bit gruff and used to give  “the business” by ignoring customers and having an overall unfriendly nature.  Now the staff is very attentive and smiling, which is a good thing though I secretly miss “the business”.

This photo from the Dewar’s website under the family history page is how I remember Dewar’s looking the first three decades of my life.  This shot is of Heather Dewar Cook and Michael Dewar who run the company today with their father, George.

Dewar’s remodeled their Eye Street location in the last few years…here is how it looks today.  New the new flooring, murals, ceiling fans, and counters.

They kept the animal heads, which actually makes me happy as it is a large memory of childhood.  The remodel included a forest scene mural to put the animal heads in context.  You could say that Dewar’s was ahead of their time all these years as taxidermy is more popular than ever.  What do you think about taxidermy?

This was part of an expansion some time ago, the candy counter where Dewar’s sells homemade chocolates and chews.  My favorite chew is the peanut butter inside vanilla taffy candy!  I’ve read that the candies are available in Hollywood at the Disney Soda Fountain at the El Capitan…interesting!

Kitschy and cute…the ice milk and chews keep me coming back for more.  If you ever find yourself driving through or around Bakersfield…worth a try.  I think you will enjoy this sweet summer treat!  If you have had Dewar’s, what is your favorite?



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2 responses to “Summer Treats

  1. Greg

    Your original chews are the best! I have an aunt that lives in California and sends me some every year. This year I could not wait and had to order some. Keep up the great product!

  2. theresa

    Love them. I left Bako 20 Years ago. I still have family sendign them to me. I aslo get a LB now and then online. Yummy Peanut butter

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