“Pekin”-ese Dish Love

I just love antique dishes, particularly anything chinoiserie.  I usually stick to admiring old patterns due to lack of storage but during spring antiques week 2010 in Texas I couldn’t resist this adorable set of dessert plates.  They are “Pekin” from James Beach of Beech & Hancock from the 1800’s.  Transfer printed then hand enameled in blues, greens, and oranges.

I discovered there were two versions of these dishes.  The scene depicting the figures smoking opium are earlier.  The second version the makers brushed out the opium pipe.   This is so intriguing to me given I visited the Hall of Opium museum in the Golden Triangle during my visit to Thailand in 2008 and I just saw the History Channel program on “Illegal Drugs And How They Got That Way”…fascinating stuff!

I love their color and how they mix with the table accessories that I already own.

Are there any other dish fans out there?  What are your favorite patterns?



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2 responses to ““Pekin”-ese Dish Love

  1. jan weiss

    hi i have 16 pieces of pekin pattern, but underneath, the stamp says,
    ” pekin H&K” and they are smoking pipes. can you tell me anything about them please, best regards jan weiss

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