Quick Fixes, Before & After

In times like these, some clients do not have the resources to re-decorate and yet they want to make some small changes that yield a large impact.  I received an email from my friend back in December.  She was due with her second son in at the beginning of February and hosting a party the first week of January.  She told me that she wanted some ideas on finishing touches and wall decor, without buying a lot of new things.  Changes that could be implemented before the baby’s arrival in February.

We met a few days before Christmas.  Here is a before view of the living room.  The room has  nice qualities…clean lines and well-proportioned furniture.

The built-in bookcase was a feature from the previous owner…

Here is the “after” shot of the living room.  The first recommendation that I made was the addition of window treatments to soften up the room.  Simple window panels make such a difference!  I also suggested moving the pair of upholstered chairs into the bay window and orienting the sofa in front of the fireplace to open up the room.

Originally, I suggested moving the mirrors over the fireplace to the bedroom and mounting the television over the fireplace.  Moving the television required professional help which the clients preferred to hold off on…

All of these changes were implemented within a week of my initial consultation!

An alternative “after” photo.  I recommended that the photos from my client’s honeymoon in Spain that originally hung in the hallway were relocated to above the sofa.

My clients likes light, bright colors and wanted to keep the paint throughout the same yet were open to small paint changes.  I selected a blue-gray paint for the back of the bookcases to coordinate with the existing rug.  The clients painted the bookcase themselves.  It is a simple way to add interest without changing the color of the entire room.

Accessories were edited and some accessories from other parts of the house were moved to the bookcase.  The red painting was another piece hanging in the hallway that I recommended be moved to the living room until my clients acquire more pieces.

I also suggested moving the desk to another wall in the living room but this requires moving wiring or going wireless so it remains a future project.

Here is a shot of the guest bath “before”.  My client/friend wanted to paint the room and try something different.

I selected a cool gray paint to juxtapose with the light tiles and fixtures and coordinate with the artwork selected for the bathroom.  The colorful tile picture was moved to the current wall so that when guest’s enter the room they see the art in the mirror.

Here are the  “before” shots of the master bedroom.  Not much to be done here…just editing and changing out some accessories…

The decorative plate on the dresser went to the bookcase in the living room…

More editing done with the accessories from this angle…

Now for the “after” photos.  I selected  a violet color for the bedroom to coordinate with the existing wall color and bed linens.  My clients were leery of painting the entire room this color so they tried an accent wall behind the bed.  This was a great option since they do not yet have a headboard.  I also suggested a tailored upholstered headboard for them in linen and taller lamps.  These may come in a later phase…mirrors from other parts of the house were moved above the bed.

Alternative view of the wall behind the bed.  Such a soothing color.

Another painting from the hallway was moved to the bedroom above this dresser.  I enjoyed the  paintings in the hallway but my clients did not have much artwork for the rooms that they spend the most time in.  To save money I suggested relocating the art from the hallway to these rooms so they can enjoy them until they acquire new pieces.

A “before” of the dining room.  My clients were not happy with the artwork and the overall feel of the room.  Drapery to soften the room and a painting that reflects their personality will create an inviting dining space.

“After” with the draperies and a print of the French flower of Provence with French writing…one of the clients is from France.

Isn’t it amazing what simple changes and tweaks can do?  My clients were pleased.  For a flat fee for 4 hours I provided them with lots of different ideas, suggestions, and paint selections.  They implemented the ideas that they liked themselves in a week or so.

I am delighted to consult with you on changes you can make by “shopping” in your house first.  Contact me for fixed fees for 1 -4 hour design consultations.

If you would like help creating the home of your dreams, email me about our design services.

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4 responses to “Quick Fixes, Before & After

  1. Great job Kari! I am sure your clients are very pleased! My favorites: the painted backsplash in the book shelves, and the guest bathroom (but then I am also the queen of gray!). I also love how you changed the position of the furniture in the living room and how you with simple accessories changed the whole look in the dining room. Well done, my friend!

    • Thanks Mon!

      It was great fun to see how much difference little changes can make. My favorite was the back of the book shelves as well! It really made that whole area a lot more interesting.

      Happy summer!


  2. Thank you Selena! Small changes make a difference…I look forward to the day that I can assist you with your home.

  3. You did a fabulous job Kari!!! I loved the before and after photos:). We will need you sometime in the future:)

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