Wine Closet Project Update

My clients wanted to turn this small under the stair closet into a place for wine storage.  The closet opens up into the great room and kitchen area.

I spent time researching pre-fabricated components that might fit into the closet.  I came up with a plan for commercial racks mounted to the wall up the side and I found the tallest wine storage piece I could that would fit with the pitched room.  This was my design utilizing pre-fabricated components.

I also came up with a completely custom design that would fully utilize the height of the back wall before the pitch roof begins.  Shelves on the side line up with the back piece to create a rhythm in unity of the space in order to keep such a small space from feeling too closed in.  The bottles on the shelves to lie on their sides.  The “top shelf” is created to stand bottles of wine and alcohol upright.  Wood is finished to match the stain on the kitchen cabinets.

We contacted a local cabinet-maker for a proposal.  They offered competitive pricing and the choice became  clear.

The project was recently completed and installed.  My clients are thrilled with the results.  They already unpacked their wine supply and as you can see, there is plenty of room for more.

Now they can see all of the labels to assess exactly what they have and what they may need to stock up on.

It was a great project and wonderful collaboration with clients and contractors.


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5 responses to “Wine Closet Project Update

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  2. Bryan

    this looks beautiful. I am jealous I don’t have stairs to fit a wine closet into my house, but kudos to you for having the vision for the design and making it happen. We need to get this on YouTube and create a webseries….

  3. This is all like advanced math to me… How do you figure it out…?? But your client must be exstatic. I turned out more than great!

    Cheers to you my friend!


    • Hi Mon,

      It was like a puzzle…many details to think through but I’m so happy with the results! Thank you.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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