Real Projects: “Rough Luxe” Tasting Room Design Concept

Some of you have asked me about the design process and what it is like to work with a designer.  I thought it might be nice to share with you stages of the design process.  When I begin to work with a client, I partner with them to define their needs and goals and then offer solutions to achieve these goals. It might be helpful to provide an example:

This is a preliminary design concept proposal that I put together for a hospitality project during the schematic design phase. (click on image to view it in a larger size)  The client owns a winery in Napa Valley that encompasses a  15,000 square foot facility.  They are updating their tasting room, retail space, and banquet rooms, while incorporating the existing Western look to the property and under a tight budget.

The above design concept, along with an initial budget were part of my proposal to them.  A “Rough Luxe” lodge feeling feature textures found in nature, muted colors, organic forms and attention to local artwork and artisans where possible.  Integration of wood and metals with patina and age, and reclaimed winery instruments as accessories whenever possible.

Selections focused to:

  • Increase banquet room rentals by improving aesthetics and lighting.
  • Increase profitability for meeting room rentals by improving spaces and attracting corporate clients.
  • Increase tasting room traffic & sales by creating a warm, welcoming environment for visitors to encourage them to linger and ultimately purchase more products.
  • Drive Retail Outlet revenue by incorporating upscale food (meats, cheeses, snacks) to purchase and consume onsite, upscale wine related items, and smaller seasonal items.
  • Develop outside wrap-around porch area as a sell-able event space.
  • Develop outside game areas as sell-able event spaces.
  • Develop outside patio picnic areas in conjunction with retail meats, cheeses, snacks for bus tour traffic.
  • Develop opportunities to partner with local artists for gallery display on the retail floor.  Possible “artists reception” to drive traffic to the winery and encourage events.

These are all part of the  preliminary packet that a client can expect when working with a designer.   This serves as a jumping off point in which the client provides feedback and the designer continues to develop the design to achieve the client’s dream outcome.


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