Spring Has Sprung!

I know that I promised a synopsis of the SF Decorator Showcase on Friday night.  The party was so fabulous and well attended that I wasn’t able to get proper shots of the rooms.  It was wonderful to see old friends and check out all the creativity.  One of my favorite rooms was Brian Dittmar’s The Horologist’s Laboratory (horologist-an aficionado of the art and science of measuring time).  There were so many great details, the concept was extremely well thought out.  Another favorite was Coup D’ Etat’s Hall of Wisdom and Enlightenment.  Those canopied chairs…FABULOUS.

While the designs were great, a highlight of the event was the opportunity to meet Tim Falvey who grew up in the house from 5 yrs old to teenage years.  It was so entertaining to hear his stories of playing , his neighbor friends, his room, and other memories.  I was surprised and interested to hear that the basic structure of the house hasn’t changed much after all these years.

I took a day trip on Saturday that was so much fun and really rung in Spring for me, I just have to share:

I can’t believe I have lived in the Bay Area for 12+ years and I’ve never been to Point Reyes, only 1 hour from the city of San Francisco.  Saturday, I spent a wonderful day learning more about the area and soaking in the gorgeous scenery.  There were so many textures and colors…just breathtaking.  Here is the Bear Valley Visitor’s Center.

I found this absolutely fascinating…part of the walk ON the San Andreas Fault.  This fence literally jumped feet during the 1906 earthquake.  Just love that burly tree also!

The water was rough, but the colors that the texture and rhythm that nature produces are inspiring.  The soothing colors of the water and the earth are the perfect palette.

These cows looked so happy,  I had to snap a shot.  Fitting that Point Reyes produces the famous blue cheese.  There were quite a few dairies within the park that were established in the 1800’s.  With all of the wind and fog, it would take a special type of farmer to handle the land.  Glorious view!

This might be my most inspirational shot (to me).  This is a close-up of large rocks that had been cut by wind and water on the beach.  You must climb over them to reach the coves on the other side of the beach.  I fell in love with the texture, so graphic!

Great weather to come…hopefully more day trips to come as well!

Update 5/6/10:  As I am reflecting on my trip to the SF Decorator Showcase House Friday, I stumbled upon a piece of paper that I took from Brian Dittmar’s room.  There is a lovely poem that was etched on a custom mirror that I just love.  I think it captures the feeling and spirit of my trip to Pt. Reyes as well.  No wonder I love his room!

The grand show is eternal.

It is always sunrise somewhere;

the dew is never dried all at once;

a shower is forever falling;

vapor is ever rising.

Eternal sunrise,

eternal dawn and gloaming,

on sea and continents and islands,

each in its turn,

as the round earth rolls.

-John Muir


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4 responses to “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Tracy

    Hello, just browsing around and came across this post. Love the photos especially the ocean shot — you really captured the textures — awesome work!


  2. Kari, what an unexpected and lovely post! I am a big time explorer myself, so I share your joy.

    Your images of the cows and the ocean are wonderful. You can turn them into postcards!

    Cyber hug,


    • Dear Monika,

      A bit of the beaten path this post, but I couldn’t resist. It was a perfect day.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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