Some Things About Myself…

I mentioned in my last post that I was honored  by Monika, over at Splendid Willow with a Beautiful Blogger Award.  I started my blog as an experiment nearly 1 year ago.  It’s been a wonderful outlet for me to define, clarify, and hone what inspires and drives me.  To know that creative, inspiring, and supportive readers are following the blog…it’s so rewarding!  Monika was the first fellow blogger to reach out to me in cyberspace and she’s taught me how great it feels to build a community within this crazy blog world!

So my job now is to tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know and then pass the honor to 15 blogs that inspire me!

1.)  I love to live near the ocean.  I enjoy spending time in San Francisco and Santa Barbara soaking in the sun and fresh sea air!

2.)  Mister, the pug, is my biggest fan.  I love this dog…to death.  He is such a nice pal.  Here he is “helping” with the laundry…

3.)  One of my favorite things to eat is toast…preferably made with really great bread and fresh butter.  YUM!

4.) I just love and collect vintage Halloween decorations.  Something about them makes me smile.

5.) Finding inspiration through travel and architecture make me happy.  Here are some of my favorite travel/architecture shots:

Vis, Croatia 2004

Los Arcos, Spain 2006

Toledo, Spain 2006

Eze, France 2007

St. Paul de Vence, France 2007

Santorini, Greece 2007

Bangkok Thailand, 2008

6.)  I am in a cooking club.  We get together once a month to cook dishes based around a theme.  It is a great way to learn new recipes and practice our hostessing skills, but mostly we enjoy support, camaraderie, and sharing our life stories.  We’ve been at it since February 2003!  Here’s the gang at our last “cooking club wedding”!

7.)  My parents mean the world to me! I thank them for their love, encouragement, and friendship.

Now, its my turn to tag 15 blogs that inspire me.  Without knowing if they’ve already been tagged and in no particular order:

  1. Beadboard UpCountry
  2. Belgian Pearls
  3. Cote de Texas
  4. Emmas Designblogg
  5. French Essence
  6. French Kissed
  7. Habitually Chic
  8. Paris Apartment
  9. Patricia Gray
  10. Plaisers Simples
  11. So Haute
  12. Trouvais
  13. Verdigris Vie
  14. Vicente Wolf Blog
  15. Willow Decor

Thank you again, dear Monika, for honoring me!  This was fun to think about.

Happy Sunday,



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9 responses to “Some Things About Myself…

  1. PM

    Nice page! Thanks for sharing. By the way, you might find it helpful to know that offers a wide selection of classic Halloween decorations for sale, ready to be added to your collection.

  2. Kari, how lovely to get to know you even better! I knew that there was an interesting & creative woman behind that lovely blog!

    Smart, beautiful, well traveled and friendly you are! And you live in one of the best cities on the planet.

    I am so glad I met you in blog land!

    Happy weekend,

    ox, Mon

    • Monika,

      You are too kind. Thank you. Connecting with you in the blogosphere and reinforced the power of community. Thank you for that!

      Happy weekend to you,


      PS-what did you decide about the cubby piece? I’ve been thinking of you and wondering 🙂

  3. Amy DeTolla Rathbun

    Dear Kari….Congratulations on your award. I love reading your Blog and getting inspiration!

  4. Katie

    Congratulations on your award, well deserved indeed. I love your favorite things, especially Mister!

  5. Bryan

    Congrats to KMD for the Beautiful Blog nominee. Always great to read and follow your travels, your eye for design, and your inspiration.

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