Texas Spring Antiques Week 2010 Part 2 – Things I Wanted To Buy…

I discovered some REALLY great pieces at a new location (or new to me) at this year’s shows that if the timing had been right (I have a retail outlet, current client, or current need for myself) these items would have come to California back with me!

I’ve always wanted one of these French leather daybeds.  The sides collapse down to accommodate a house guest.  This is the best one that I have ever seen (condition and price).  I really hated to leave it.  Alas, the my timing was off.  I know that when you see something that you love, you should buy it, but I truly covet it for myself and have no place for it.  I hope that it found a good home!

This fantastic French Deco chair came from the same vendor.  Such a handsome chair!  It is actually a recliner.  The front ottoman piece is actually attached and folds into the chair.  The back of the chair has a chrome rod that adjusts down to a reclining position.  The vendor told me that this chair would have been used for a gentleman receiving a shave.  He would sit in the chair, recline, and receive a close straight razor shave.

This desk, I LOVED.  It came out of the Ministry of Finance in Catalan, Spain.  The last of 14 walnut desks to sell, the vendor had it clad in zinc.  I assume there was some sort of blemish on the wood that they decided to cover, but what a fantastic look and way to salvage this amazing desk.  Want it.

Found a wonderful source for these industrial and salvaged wine carts.  Wouldn’t it be perfect in a loft setting, or for a wine country project?  It is terrific.

A big thank you to Monika of Splendid Willow for awarding me with her Beautiful Blogger Award.  http://splendidwillow.com/archives/6488 I’m honored.  For those of you who do not know, Splendid Willow is a wonderful blog focused on classic design with a Swedish twist that you should be reading!  I can’t wait to participate and pass the baton along soon!  Stay tuned!


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6 responses to “Texas Spring Antiques Week 2010 Part 2 – Things I Wanted To Buy…

  1. Just checking in to wish you a happy weekend! And to stare at that lovely daybed again…

    Much fondness, Mon

  2. You have splendid taste and how incredible is that daybed! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment for it allowed me to discover you and I have really enjoyed my first visit. I’ll be back soon.


    • Thank you Jermaine! You are too kind…that day bed really is fabulous. I’m sort of kicking myself…alas, I have other furniture priorities right now. Stay tuned 🙂

      Happy Friday to you! Kari

  3. I can’t believe that you did not come home with the daybed!! I think we all could need one!

    It is easy to award you, Kari! You blog is lovely – and so are you!

    Happy new week,


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