Texas Spring Antiques Week 2010 Part 1

Spring antiques week in Texas and we had lovely weather.  80’s and very low humidity (for Texas).  I’d say the crowds are coming back as well.  Last fall there weren’t many people in the tents, even during opening day.  This season was quite a different story.  In fact the line-up of cars was so long to pull into Marburger Farms 15 minutes before the show opened that I had time to shoot a photo of this majestic bull…

And then not far off were this trio of lovelies.  The babies are just adorable with their new fur.

There are sheriffs on horseback to assist with traffic control.  Years ago when Mister, my pug, was a baby I took him to a show and he barked his head off at one of these police horses…it was hysterical.  So Mister, this photo is for you…

Now on to some interesting treasures…This is a leather cello case with WONDERFUL patina.  Isn’t it fabulous?  It would make such a statement as a coffee table for the right project.  Really awesome.

There were a trio of plaster vegetation panels that were made to look like bronze casting that came from the side of a bank or similar old building.  Great organic forms that would be so right for a variety of modern day projects.  Would make great artwork alone or all three vertically in a loft space…divine.

I noticed a ton of turquoise accessories.  I really liked how this vendor clustered all of their turquoise offerings together for that added punch.  Lovely china cabinet as well.

There were a lot of vintage  shell art at the show.  Here is a nice sampling of what was on offer.  I bought some for myself…stay tuned for photos.

Perhaps inspired by Splendid Willows recent post on cubby hole organization and display pieces http://splendidwillow.com/archives/5597 and http://splendidwillow.com/archives/5678 I noticed  interesting industrial and primitive pieces that can be re-purposed for organization and display.   Monika, this one’s for you!

It was a wonderful trip.  I made some interesting new discoveries that I will share with you in the upcoming days…inventory that I would have liked to purchase for store inventory (if I had a store!), wonderful textile source, some of my personal finds.  Stay tuned!


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2 responses to “Texas Spring Antiques Week 2010 Part 1

  1. OM gosh Kari! I think it might work!!!! (And how adorable are you for even be thinking of me!).

    Do you still remember the source? Do you know the price? Is it still around – or did some lucky person already buy it??

    Hurry, hurry – let me know!

    Cyber hug to you my friend,


    • Hmm…I seem to have the business card of the person who styled that booth. Let me give him a quick call and see if he knows the seller. I didn’t happen to check the price…there was a swarm of people. A few days have passed but you never know what sold and what didn’t…let’s see if we can figure this out Kari

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