A Little Hermes To Tide You Over…

I’m off to hunt for treasures at antiques week.  When I return, I will share with you the trends, vibe, and finds of the show.

To tide you over, please enjoy this current advertisement from Hermes spring ad.  It’s going right into my inspiration file.  The colors are so vibrant and I’m dying to have a project to add Hermes scarf pillows to…so fun.

I really love the styling of the ad as well, it reminds me of a fairy tale.  Rapunzel or Princess In The Pea perhaps?



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2 responses to “A Little Hermes To Tide You Over…

  1. Oh, I am so envious! Have super fun and come back with lots of goodies that will make us drool. And great pics. Can’t wait to see what ended up in your trunk!

    Happy Easter lovely friend.


    • Monika,

      It was a great trip. I thought of you…saw a cubby hole storage piece that I shot a picture of. I will post about my adventures and finds soon.

      Happy Easter to you!


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