My Love For Misha

I am certainly not the first to mention the new Louis Vuitton Core Values ad featuring Annie Liebovitz and Mikhail Baryshnikov that first started running in magazines in February.  I admit it…I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Of course there is the composition of the photo, a certain simplicity and rawness in the way the two figures relate to one another.  Liebovitz and Baryshnikov are such icons and apparently great friends.  I think that does come across in the piece.

Mostly I can’t stop staring at the figure that is Mikhail Baryshnikov…the feet drew me in.  Such a well-worn and famed instrument.  I could really sit and contemplate his feet for a long time.  His body is amazing…still so strong, graceful, and youthful.  It is hard to believe the man is 62!

I’ve had a sweet spot for Baryshnikov for some time…a ballerina as a kid you could say I adored him.  I tore out photos of him from magazines even then, wore his signature fragrance for women – Misha ( his nickname), and also named my beloved shar-pei after him when I was 14 (also Misha).

Though he’s been off my radar for a bit  it is amazing how my feelings of awe and admiration come racing back at first glance of this photo…Enjoy!


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2 responses to “My Love For Misha

  1. Selena

    Thanks Kari!! Well written and I had not seen this… Your description was fun to read…

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