Bulgari Ad Concept – Bringing It To Life

My previous post about the Bulgari ad as inspiration got me dreaming of a wonderfully decadent ladies sitting room that I would design.  When my March issue of “The World Of Interiors” came…that sealed it…I had to put together concept imagery for this imaginary room.

“The World of Interiors” has a terrific feature on London Design Week styled by Jessica Hayns and Maud Hewlings.  The theme is Medieval…sumptuous fabrics to brighten the dungeon.  I couldn’t help be reminded of the Bulgari Ad.

These yummy velvets are so decadent!  I can totally see them in my imaginary ladies sitting room!  Photography by Ricardo Labougle.

Next, I found this wonderful Small 19th Century Louis XVI Banquette from 1st dibs…the listing mentions that the settee is to be reupholstered…I’d keep it like this.  I absolutely love the patina of age.  I feel that it takes the preciousness out of the piece and makes it feel more accessible.  A nice rough luxe juxtaposition…

I absolutely ADORE the Schumacher Nest line of feather wallpapers and this sitting room is the perfect opportunity to utilize Cascadia from the line.  I would apply these to the walls to envelope the space with this luminescent blue-green organic opulence.

Every room needs a touch of whimsy, and I found this charming swan carousel seat from late 19c. France on 1st dibs.  I’d add it to the space with a couple of elegant velvet pillows.

Here’s the finished conceptual proposal for my elegant ladies sitting room.  The effect is a moody, dark, and lush room to relax and feel pampered in.

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