Design San Francisco – Final Wrap-Up

Final day of inspiration at Design San Francisco on Friday.  Jamie Drake gave the keynote and I met him at the Donghia reception after his address.  What came to mind as I watched his presentation was AWESOME and PERSONALITY.

Talk about frisson, his work reverberates and sings with wonderful color schemes.  I found myself gasping after every photo he showed.  It was all so…PRETTY! Pretty, pretty rooms.

Jamie inspired me to think about on my own projects’ personality in decor.  Try for less coordinated, more relaxed, and remember the art.  He is particularly adept at working with reflection of surfaces,repetition of color, and juxtaposition of textures.

Gosh this was a gorgeous library paneled in walnut with powder blue lacquer inset shelves!  Just a touch of cherry red pulls it all together. Truly inspired choice of materials and colors.  Photo by Tim Lee

I love Jamie’s yellow bedroom for a New York apartment.  Great graphic anchor of the animal print rug.  This shot was also featured in Margaret Russell’s “Style and Substance” presentation.  It is not common to see such a strong and saturated yellow for a bedroom.  The result is absolutely breathtaking.  What I love about Jamie Drakes rooms is that they are so fearless. Photo by William Waldron.

If you would like to see more of Jamie Drake’s gorgeous, awe inspiring work I definitely recommend “Jamie Drake’s New American Glamour” for your library.


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2 responses to “Design San Francisco – Final Wrap-Up

  1. Kari, what fun posts! And what amazing and talented people you got to hang out with! And yes, I agree with one of the other bloggers – you and Margaret Russell could be sisters! (I will now scroll back and learn more about what you saw at the show). xx Mon

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