Design San Francisco – 1st Day Highlights

Day one of “Design San Francisco” aka Winter Market at San Francisco Design center.  It was a thrilling day…I met Margaret Russell, editor in chief of Elle Decor Magazine (one of my favorites)!  Margaret Russell was the keynote speaker today with a book signing of “Substance and Style” that followed.  You may remember that “Substance and Style” was on my holiday wish list last month.  Margaret was gracious when I told her about my blog and asked for a photo with her (even though I was shaking like a leaf with excitement!).

Next up was a rich presentation by Eric Cohler on “Find Your Inner Passion As Collector and Curator” at Lee Jofa and Dakota Jackson on “Doing It Right:  21st Century Style” at De Sousa Hughes.  There are so many interesting ideas from all the presentations.  Some common themes that kept popping up were:

Design interiors with a certain joie de vivre, authenticity and timelessness.  Convey your inner passion.  Art fuels the soul.  Mix high and low-priced items.  Create frisson or tension in every space.  Hear light.  See sound.  Craft experience.

Perhaps my favorite quote today was from Eric Cohler, “It’s not how good you are but how good you want to be.”

Looking forward to what tomorrow holds…



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4 responses to “Design San Francisco – 1st Day Highlights

  1. Randa

    Hey Kari!
    You and Margaret Russel could be twin sisters! All the best with your projects!

  2. Craven

    I missed you!! I’m planning to go to bunny williams tomorrow and something at desousa afterward. Maybe I’ll see you there??

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