Design Crush – Charley’s Pad from “A Single Man”

I finally saw Tom Ford’s “A Single Man” last night.  Set in 1962, the movie had a strong look.  What a gorgeous film.  There are so many elements to love, the freshness of the cinematography, the beauty of the actors, impeccable costumes, I could go on and on…

The home of Julianne Moore’s character, Charley’s, left the strongest impression for me.  Vintage, yet modern the set created by production designer Dan Bishop (also of Mad Men).  Loved, loved the mother of pearl Syrian furniture, wonderful ethnic prints in ice cream colors,  and fabulous circular sofa.

An impeccable juxtaposition is the stark, modern home of the Colin Firth’s character, George.  While the movie take place in Santa Monica, the real home is in Glendale designed by architect John Lautner in 1949.  The home happens to be for sale for $1.495  and the listing is found here:

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