Cartier in America Delivers

I braved the crowds on December 27th at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco to see the “Cartier in America” exhibit.  Where to begin?

I was so inspired by the breadth of work on display and the intention and design exemplified within the pieces.  It was wonderful to see how much thought went into different ways the pieces are worn.  Many opulent diamond necklaces had large pendants that come off and can be worn as a brooch while the strands divide into two in order to be worn as bracelets.

Many inspiring pieces to behold…the mystery clocks, dozens of tiaras, tutti frutti necklaces, Grace Kelly’s engagement ring, Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond and ruby suite of jewelry…you really must see the exhibit in person.

A few standouts for me:

Evalyn Walsh McLean, ca 1932, wearing the Hope diamond with a diamond necklace and chain.  Ok, so obviously the Hope diamond is AMAZING but I’m especially LOVING this entire get-up on Ms. Evalyn…she looks FIERCE and timeless too…this photo is 80+ years old and still relevant today.

The exquisite Hope diamond now on display at The Smithsonian. Cartier cleverly designed the different shaped diamonds to surround the Hope diamond in order to camouflage the irregular shape of the Hope diamond.

Maria Felix, Mexican film star wearing many of her specially commissioned pieces.  I kind of love her…doesn’t she look like a BADa**?  The rumor goes that she brought a baby crocodile to the Paris store as a model for the necklace.

Maria’s crocodile necklace could work as two brooches or as a necklace.  I really love this concept of designing the pieces to break apart and serve multiple functions…so clever!  One is set with yellow diamonds with rubies for eyes and the other is emeralds with ruby eyes…exquisite!

Ahh…are diamonds a girl’s best friend?  Maybe not, but they sure don’t hurt!  These pieces are more than diamonds…they are art, history, and originality all wrapped into one…


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2 responses to “Cartier in America Delivers

  1. Hello Kari, just found your lovely blog in my “blog tool box”! Glad I took a moment to sit down and read. You have great style and your posts are anything but the same old same old!

    I used to live in SF with my husband for 3 years. Only great memories! You would so have found me in that same crowd at the Legion of Honor. What a fun and interesting exhibition. Happy week! Monika

    • karimcintosh

      Hello Monika,
      Thank you so much for your kind post. You made my week! This is the first comment that I’ve had from a fellow blogger, I’m very excited. I began blogging to pump up my content on my business website so that potential clients could learn more about my design references and inspirations. I’ve never been a journal writer yet I’ve really come to enjoy posting and keeping my ideas in one spot. It has challenged me in a lovely way.

      YOUR blog is just wonderful. I added Splendid Willow to my blogroll a few weeks ago. I believe that I spotted you from Cote de Texas website. I’ve really enjoyed your point of view. I love Seattle and I’m intrigued by your Swedish background. You have a really nice cross-cultural balance. After I realized you were from Sweden, of course I could see some influence but you really have melded and balanced your inspirations in a subtle way.

      I must admit that I’ve been a little shy to interact with the blogging world. Your comment has meant so much to me and I realize how nice it is to reach out and interact. I am going to try it more myself! I look forward to enjoying more of Splendid Willow in 2010. Have a great day!


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