Target Pop Up Store in San Francisco…

Wow!  There is a Target “pop-up” store in San Francisco, Mint Plaza on 5th Street (between Mission & Market).

There are 50 items in windows and you grab a clipboard to mark off the items that you want.  Proceed to the check-out and walk away with a wrapped gift!

This reminds me of an adult’s version of the children’s Christmas store at Brocks Department Store growing up in Bakersfield, CA.  There was a miniature store with miniature doors just for children to shop for gifts for mom and dad.  Too cool!

If that weren’t enough there are 3 dresses from the upcoming Rodarte collection that debuts next week available now.  You can have one for your holiday parties this weekend, or perhaps even the sequin rib cage dress for Lady Gaga on Sunday night!

Hurry, the pop-up store lasts this weekend only (Fri-Sun).

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2 responses to “Target Pop Up Store in San Francisco…

  1. Fantastic, I did not know about that up to the present. Thankz.

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