I Love NY in the Fall…Part 3, The Cloisters & Tryon Park


cloisters arch

cloisters painting


cloisters bridge

new leaf

The top motivator for my trip to New York this fall was to see the legendary Cloisters at Fort Tryon Park.

The Cloisters are made up of medieval French monasteries that were disassembled and reassembled in New York in the 30’s.  The buliding houses great pieces of medieval art as well, including the significant series of tapestries depicting the capture of the unicorn.  This project was made possible by Rockefeller.   It is exquisite.

The grounds are also gorgeous and peaceful.  The Cloisters are positioned at the top of a hill overlooking The Hudson River.  As you look across the river, as far as you can see are trees with leaves that are turning red, amber, gold.  My friend that accompanied me grew up in Staten Island and has lived in Manhattan for decades.  This was her first trip to The Cloisters and she vows to return again soon.

If you go, there is a charming restaurant in the park called New Leaf…great spot for snacks, lunch, tea, etc.  If you are in the area, you’ve got to check out The Cloisters.

Truly special!

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