Amazing Horn Collections



carolina herrera jr spain 19.1

Chateau GL_Entry_AD_Marina Faust

I’ve been noticing mounted horns more and more.  Often 3 or 5 hung above a mirror, even in a mid-century modern or eclectic interior.  A trend or am I just cued into them more and more, I’m not sure.

I saw many options on my Texas antiques trip and considered starting a collection for my own interior.  A client friend found a collection of 16 that she is very excited about but not certain of how to apply them.

Imagine how excited I was then when I received my World of Interiors magazine in the mailbox last week.  There is a wonderful example of a large collection together in the Schloss Damtschach in Carinthia: Photography by Fritz von der Schulenburg  (first 2 photos of an upstairs foyer ).  This got me remembering another wonderful example of an outdoor patio collection in Carolina Herrera Jr’s Spanish estancia:  Photography by Francois Halard (3rd photo) and another of Timothy Corrigan Chateau de Grand-Luce: Photography by Marina Faust.

I find these horns visually interesting, textural, organic…ideas for how we can use them are dancing in my head!


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