Mosying Down S. Congress: Austin, Texas

austin motel

hotel san jose

by george



Allen's Boots

uncommon objects

Last Thursday I spent the afternoon on South Congress in Austin before flying home from the antique show.  For me, a visit to South Congress is a MUST.  I just love that hood:  good vibe, good food, great stores.  Even the graphic design of the signage is perfection. Here are shots of some of my favorite scenes from South Congress.

I absolutely adore the sign and plantings of Hotel San Jose and I’m really inspired by the collage of succulents in front of the terrific clothing store, By George.

You can even adopt puppies on South Congress.  I wish I could stow one of these scruffers on the plane home with me.  Aren’t they handsome?

Of course no trip to Austin is complete without a twirl through Uncommon Objects.  I always leave with some fun find…this time a crazy quilt in soft pinks and blues…LOVE



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2 responses to “Mosying Down S. Congress: Austin, Texas

  1. karimcintosh

    Thanks Matt! I’m so glad that you like it. We had an amazing time!

  2. Matt

    I’ve really enjoyed these posts about the antique show – looks like it was a great trip!

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