Round Top Big Red Barn Opening

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Wednesday brought the opening of the Round Top Antiques Show.  We always start with the “Big Red Barn” which opens at 9:00am.  We lined up at 8:30am and by 8:50am, here was the crowd behind us…Lining up is really a hoot.  You get to chat and acquaint yourselves with your “neighbors”.  It was so interesting to hear what each shopper comes for…for one it is a collection of antique bears, for another Navajo jewelry.  I was shopping for furniture with my client so we all felt confident that we weren’t racing each other for merchandise!

What’s so nice about the Red Barn is that it is AIR CONDITIONED, which is much appreciated.  Oh, and there is INDOOR PLUMBING.  This is a dream for antiques week.  Beyond that the merchandise available is varied and wonderful.

Here is a sampling of some whimsical booths.  I’m such a sucker for vintage Halloween and Christmas ornaments and I just couldn’t resist snapping a shot of these charming toy trucks.  They have a great look and were displayed so wonderfully.  Of course, my favorite vendor was Love Train and wouldn’t you know they were in the only non air conditioned tent at the Red Barn.  Bummer.  I don’t have any photos of their terrific wares because I unfortunately couldn’t multi-task…too hot.  But the loot we found there included a fantastic pink and green French advertisement.

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