Marburger Farms Fall Antique Show

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I’ve just returned from the Marburger Farms Fall Antiques Show, what a whirlwind.  I often have people ask me what I do there and what is it like…so I captured moments throughout my trip which I’ll be posting in the upcoming days.

The lineup of shoppers wait for the 10am early opening on Tuesday.  The tents are roped off and savvy hunters try to steal a peak into the tents of their favorite dealer…the excitement builds…the whistle blows and they’re off!

I captured a few booths that had great “curb appeal”.  Many of these dealers are truly artists with their displays.  I just love the graphic quality of these pieces and presentations….

More adventures of fall antiquing to come!

PS – I almost forgot to mention the shopping conditions…hot, muggy, port-o-potties…need I say more?  It is not for the weak!

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