Great Lighting, Small Price PB Style

wine glass

Wine Bottle Chandelier

edison lamp

Edison Chandelier

smoky glass

Fairfield 5-Arm

Lighting is so important and people often ask me where to go for reasonably priced lighting.  I check Pottery Barn first.  They offer up some unusual lighting in small runs.  I find that the more fantastic and original, the faster they sell out.  That  means that if you purchase one, you likely won’t see it all over.

I think that this new Wine Bottle Chandelier for $399 is fun and whimsical.  I can see it as a funky pendant for a dining room or for a bar or restaurant.

They also have some of my favorites on sale, which means they might be gone soon.  There is something so pure and clean about the Edison Chandelier.  The industrial look mixes well with many different styles, loft living, vintage furnishings, primitive antiques.  Fantastic buy right now.  Originally $399.00, on sale for $299.00.

The Fairfield 5-Arm Chandelier reminds me so much of my Murano Glass chandelier in my personal dining room.  There are less arms, making the price just right in smoky glass or clear glass.  Originally $399.00, now $149.99 (the ending in 99 means this is a final sale and will move quickly).

You can’t beat getting the look for less!

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