My Coffee Table

coffee table

Coffee table and tablescapes can be very personal.  I thought I’d share a shot of mine, so you can get to know me a little better.

My Lucite and glass coffee table was sourced at an antique & vintage show…it is circa 70’s.  I just love the massiveness of it juxtaposed with the transparency.  The result, it doesn’t take up too much visual space.

The vintage oriental box is a great place where I stash remote controls, coasters, matches, and some travel mementos and brochures.  I love the sculptural element of the antler, found at Shelby Antiques Show.  The great Lucite bookends are from Target, Thomas O’Brien *I think*.

Vintage Osa Johnson books found at Past Perfect here in San Francisco.  The coffee table book selection on top of the oriental box are the museum guide to The Benaki Museum (my favorite Athens museum), vintage Treasure Island picture book found at a garage sale in Santa Barbara, commemorative book on The Awhanee, and a book on Seashells (which I adore).

Loving roses right now.  They smell so sweet.  I like to have something living and organic on the table.  I usually add either an orchid or seasonal flowers to the mix.

What do your coffee tables look like?  Send me a photo and I’ll share the most intriguing…


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