Charming, airy, pretty, living room.

minimal airy living room

Often, my favorite interiors are those of actual designer’s homes and this lovely by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts featured in June’s Elle Decor is no exception.  What I sense with designer’s own homes is that they are not typical of what they would do for a client but reflect a more effortless and personal vibe that resonates with me.

Architecturally, the juxtaposition in scale of the windows, daylight captured, and contrast of light textured walls with smooth dark flooring are quite harmonious.  The color palette, furniture scale, and mixture of periods create a dreamy, pretty room.

I have a client with a daybed similar to the 19th century one above that needs a proper home.  I am inspired by how the daybed was used in the living room…floating, spare, and visually transparent.  It has my wheels turning…


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