SOMA Redevelopment News

moma garden

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Modern Art Council’s “Art Sandwiched In” luncheon featuring SOMA as a cultural magnet.

I was the guest of my friend Denise for this fascinating educational event about the redevelopment of SOMA.

The program was an informative presentation about the history of SOMA and really focused on the last 30-40 years of planning and urban development of the area.

It certainly provided an interesting perspective on the layers of development and positive influences of contemporary architecture and art in the area.

It only wet my appetite to learn more about the history of SOMA and I would love to have more in depth presentation about the future of the neighborhood that I live in.

Overall I was awakened to what an exciting time to be a part of this neighborhood and reminded to open my eyes and experience the architecture, public spaces, and public art around me on a more conscious level.

After the program we checked out the new roof garden at the SFMOMA (see photo at right) and enjoyed Blue Bottle Coffee and ice cream sandwiches – YUM!

What a lovely end to a great event.

Thank you Denise!


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