Magic of La Mirande

la mirande kitchen

jean luc

Two years ago this week I left for a glorious trip through France with my mother.

One of my favorite experiences was in Avignon at La Mirande.

They have a lovely cooking school and Table d’Hote once a week in which a professional chef teaches as he prepares your dinner and then you eat!

Chef Jean-Claude prepared an wonderful meal and he is such a character with the perfect stand-up comedy act to go along with the cuisine.

The company was amazing with no fewer that five languages spoken in one evening.

We have fond memories of our Greek friends (shout out to Dennis, Danielle, Mame, and Mr. Mame!) but perhaps the star of that evening was the 19th c. kitchen.

I dream of recreating this kitchen for a client…any takers?

Here is chef Jean-Claude preparing the gorgeous strawberry dessert for our enjoyment.

The recipe is easy…fresh strawberries, fresh basil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and honey.

Served with a dollop of homemade whipped cream.



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