The Giraffe


I just love to bring back mementos from travel to add personality and depth to my home.

Whenever I pass by my giraffe, I chuckle to myself the story of how he made it from Cape Town, South Africa to San Francisco, USA…

It all started with a once in a lifetime dinner at the exquisite home of two Capetonians.

After admiring the unbelievably gorgeous and sophisticated decor of our audacious hosts, Peter & Suzette, Suzette commanded that we must pop into the finest representation of African arts & crafts in Cape Town-Africa Nova.

We obeyed and it was awesome!

Sanity momentarily escaped me as I had to have the ceramic giraffe created by artist Shirley Fintz.

He was utterly charming with the seal, flower, and bird of South Africa painted on his body.

The cost to ship was beyond my budget so I proceeded to hand carry him throughout Africa and France.

He is quite large for hand carriage and I was skeptical that the airlines would let me keep him.

I feared I might have to leave him somewhere along the way.

Later I discovered that the artist, Shirley Fintz, is a founder of another of my South African favorites – Monkey Biz.

Monkey Biz is an organization that empowers women with HIV in South Africa to create and sell beaded art of the ancient African tradition to support themselves and their families.

I love him even more.

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